Our Mission

Is to mindfully listen with empathetic curiosity to all the individuals we serve, in order to gain the understanding to help them with their goals on this journey of self-discovery.

Our Vision

Is to inspire, to enrich, and to facilitate meaningful actions in the individuals we serve, with the hopes this will create the difference to leading a more fulfilled life.

Our Values

We believe all individuals have limitless potential and this potential at various stages in our life is hidden from us, which can create painful periods in our lives. We believe through our willingness to understand the individuals we serve, by mindfully listening and empathetic curiosity, we can facilitate in illuminating the path to that potential, in the hopes of elevating distress to create a more satisfying life.


Albina Lopez, LMFT, Lic. #: LMFT50741

As a bilingual Spanish Speaking psychotherapist in the Greater Los Angeles areas, I have had the opportunity of working in various community mental health settings, hospital settings, police and school settings and gained extensive experience providing trauma-informed care and strength-based therapy to many individuals and families of diverse cultures, education, and economic backgrounds throughout the […]

Sylvia Nelson LMFT

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Jennifer Bravo APCC#11856

Supervised by Albina Lopez LMFT